4. Employment Classification

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery provide the chances to fresh graduates and students who want to start their professional career. The company hire these resources as internee with paid stipend for 3-6 months. These opportunities are time to time open in all departments without any discrimination. Further based on evaluation permanent employee status and employment benefits are awarded to successful candidates.
Sometime company may hire consultant for specific task for certain period of time. These conultant can work remotely or from in-house premises. These consultant are not bound for specific number of hours or days of the week. However they are hired to accomplish the task assigned to them. These consultant will be compensated with mutually agreed reimbursement with mandatory deductions of taxes by government.

Part-time or full-time status depends on the number of hours per week an employee works. Regular employees who work fewer than 40 hours receive part-time classification. Part-time employees are not eligible for employee benefits as described in this handbook. Regular employees who work at least 40 hours per week receive full-time classification.
From time to time the company may hire employees for specific projects or periods of time. Temporary employees may work either part-time or full-time, but generally are scheduled to terminate by a certain date. Temporary employees who remain on duty past the scheduled termination remain classified as temporary. Only Project Manager or Higher Management may change an employee’s temporary status. Temporary employees are not eligible for employment benefits.

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