3. Policies and Procedures

Professional Conduct

Last Updated Dec 03, 2016

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery expects its employees to adhere to a standard of professional conduct and integrity. This ensures that the work environment is safe, comfortable and productive. Employees should be respectful, courteous, and mindful of others’ feelings and needs. General cooperation between coworkers and supervisors is expected. Individuals who act in an unprofessional manner may be subject to disciplinary action.

Work related disagreement between individuals are a natural phenomenon and an acceptable norm is progressive organisations, however, these disagreements must not become a reason to develop personal grudges and animosities.

If any such disagreements do arise, they must be resolved through positive dialogue and facilitation of the appropriate or any senior person involve in the process.

Unresolved issues and dispute must be handled through the appropriate procedure for which these things should be bring into the notice of Project Manager or higher management will all the evidences. Manipulating the circumstances in negative way will cause to a sever action against the culprit.

Dress Code

Last Updated Dec 03, 2016

An employee’s personal appearance and hygiene is a reflection on the company’s character. Employees are expected to dress appropriately for their individual work responsibilities and position.

All employees should wear dress shirt and trouser, optionally with tie, OR shalwar kameez, preferably with waist coat. Dress shoes are the preferred footwear for all. The dress code for female employees is shalwar suit.

flamboyant clothes and extravagance in jewellery and grimy appearances are considered immature and unprofessional and must be avoided.

Casual foortwear, including chappals, etc. is not considered appropriate for office or work attire at any level and should be avoided. Prayer timing is an exception.


Last Updated Dec 03, 2016

Paychecks are distributed every 6th day of the month during office hours. If the pay date lands on a holiday paychecks will be distributed on the closest business day before or after the holiday.

The paycheck will reflect work performed for the entire past month period. Paychecks include salary or wages earned less any mandatory or elected deductions. Mandatory deductions include federal or government taxes like income tax, and other withholdings. Elected deductions are deductions authorized by the employee, and may include, for example, contributions to benefit plans (if any) and deductions of off days without leave or incase exceeding the leave limit authorized per month. Employees may contact HR Department to obtain the necessary authorization forms for requesting additional deductions from their paychecks.

Notify a HR or Accounts Department if the paycheck appears to be inaccurate or if it has been misplaced. The company reserves the right to charge a replacement fee for any lost paychecks. Advances on paychecks are permitted on special cases and will be approved by Project Manager or Higher Management. Information regarding final paychecks can be found under the termination section of this handbook.

Any change in name, address, telephone number, marital status or number of exemptions claimed by an employee must be reported to HR Department immediately. .

Company Property

Last Updated Dec 03, 2016

Company property, such as equipment, vehicles, telephones, computers, and software, is not for private use. These devices are to be used strictly for company business, and are not permitted off grounds unless authorized. Company property must be used in the manner for which it was intended. Upon termination, employees are required to surrender any company property they possess.

Company computers, internet and emails are a privileged resource, and must be used only to complete essential job-related functions. Employees are not permitted to download any “pirated” software, files or programs and must receive permission from a supervisor before installing any new software on a company computer. Files or programs stored on company computers may not be copied for personal use.

Phones provided by DCS are for business use only. The company requests that employees not receive personal calls while on duty. If urgent, please keep personal calls to a minimum and conversations brief. Personal long distance calls are not permitted.

Employees are reminded that they should have no expectation of privacy in their use of company computers or other electronic equipment.

Violations of these policies could result in disciplinary action.


Last Updated Dec 03, 2106

Employees and employers share a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. However, the company retains the right to access all company property including computers, desks, file cabinets, storage facilities, and files and folders, electronic or otherwise, at any time. Employees should not entertain any expectations of privacy when on company grounds or while using company property.

All documents, files, voice-mails and electronic information, including e-mails and other communications, created, received or maintained on or through company property are the property of the company, not the employee. Therefore employees should have no expectation of privacy over those files or documents.

Personnel Files

Last Updated Dec 03, 2016

The company maintains a personnel file on each employee. These files are kept confidential to the extent possible. Employees may review their personnel file upon request.

It is important that personnel files accurately reflect each employee’s personal information. Employees are expected to inform the company of any change in name, address, home phone number, home address, marital status, number of dependents or emergency contact information.

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